Bloodwine, Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday

Today, for Six Sentence Sunday, I’m featuring my recently self-published short story Bloodwine which is available right now on Smashwords.


Fifty years of war with the humans and the loss of his lifemate has jaded newly crowned vampire king Darius Constantinos. At a reception for the new king, the beautiful Queen Anastasia approaches Darius with an offer he can’t accept without betraying his heart, but how can he refuse the peace she promises?


“Would you rather drink from me, my lady?”

Anastasia reached up and ran an index over Darius’ cheek to his jaw, down his jugular. His heart raced at the erotic thought of her biting him there, while he pounded his cock into her slick body.

He was playing with fire. That spiciness of her scent meant one thing. She was fertile.