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Piper Denna

Today on the blog, I’m thrilled to welcome Piper Denna, who not only is a fantastic editor—okay, I’m biased—but also an author. Her latest book, Victoria’s Secret Wish releases this month.

Tell us a little about yourself.  When did you start writing, how long and what do you write?

I started writing seriously (in hopes of publishing) in the summer of 2005, and had completed 5 books by the next summer. My first book was published in August of 2008. The editing process, marketing, and promotion, all slow down the writing considerably, but I try to get another book or two out each year. I write erotic romance as Piper Denna, and contemporary romance and romantic suspense as Autumn Piper.

Ironically, I started writing again since taking a fifteen-year break in 2005, too… I’m glad I’m on the only one who writes under two names.

What can you tell us about Victoria’s Secret Wish that isn’t in the blurb or excerpt?  Was it an easy write?  How long did it take you to write it?

Victoria’s Secret Wish is a sequel (hopefully part of an ongoing series) based around a fictional company, Fantasies, Inc, which specializes in making adult fantasies come true. In this book, the hero and heroine from the first book are married, and out for a little…experimenting. And coincidentally (I didn’t realize the Olympics would be on it when it released, I swear!) they end up experimenting with one very hot Olympic swimmer.

Yes, this story was an easy write. I really click with Victoria and Britt (her nickname for Brett, since he’s British). Adding David to the mix was no problem at all. I’d say it took me 3-4 months to write…hard to tell these days, since I also edit and sometimes can’t sit down to my WIP for weeks at a time.

Sounds interesting… Fantasy Mountain is still on my TBR pile from when you were on D’Ann Lindun’s blog. I honestly don’t know how you manage it all. I’d think editing would be a full-time job and then some. I know I have a hard time finding time to write on my WIP when edits are sent back to me…*grin*

Are you a pantser or plotter? What can you tell us a little about your writing process?

Oh, lord have I tried to be a plotter. But after spending way too much time dragging an uninspired plot out of my brain, I always end up deviating from what I planned anyway. So I’m definitely a pantser.

I know what you mean! The first book I tried to plot is a book you know as well as I do. *wink* After wasting my time writing out a 40 page outline, I ended up tossing it anyway. The funny thing is, for as long as I’ve been doing these interviews, I think the pantsers out-number the plotters.

If you could be any fictional character—including your own, who would you choose and why?

Such a question. At first it seems like many fictional characters have great lives, but when you start thinking about them, most are pretty tortured after all. LOL. But I’ve answered a similar question this week, and I’ll stick with my answer: Victoria, the owner/heroine in the Fantasies, Inc series. She’s had some baggage, and has trouble relinquishing control, but dang. She does have a really fantastic guy in Brett. He really takes care of her (and has a sexy accent too), and is willing to go to great lengths to see all—and I do mean all—her dreams fulfilled.

Sounds like a great character to want to be…

What is your favorite TV show or movie?

My answer here will surely give away my reply to the next question as well: My favorite movie is Pure Country. I have a real George Strait “thing” and it’s such an awesome romance. Gets my heart beating fast every time I think of it! TV Show? Either Bones, or Big Bang Theory. If I can’t have a wrenching romance, give me comedy. 😉

Oh, God… I LOVE Pure Country.  And mercy, George Strait surely looked great in those jeans…

Okay, since I write both vamps and cowboys, I want to know, which is sexier:  Vampires or Cowboys?

Cowboys. No competition.


Victoria’s Secret Wish

Maybe three isn’t   always a crowd.

“Erotica’s   Sweethearts”, Brett and Victoria Grant, are launching the Fantasies, Inc.   Aphrodite–a cruiseliner dedicated to carnal pleasures. Since the voyage is   all about fantasies coming true, Brett is determined to see Victoria realize   her own wildest dream: being pleasured by two men at once.

Victoria can hardly   keep her eyes–or hands–off gold medal swimmer David Roman when he boards   the Aphrodite. And when Brett propositions David, she can’t say no. But Brett   doesn’t know the extent of her fantasy. She wants him as into her other guy   as she is. Will his adventurous spirit stretch that far?

David knows it’s a bad   idea to get in the middle of the Grants’ marriage. He doesn’t have a kinky   bone in his body–or so he thought before this trip–but the romps keep   getting wilder and he keeps imagining more. And he really likes them   both…as much in bed as out. If the paparazzi discovers he’s involved with   such a high-profile couple, his career is over. Is he willing to risk   everything to continue?

WARNING: Adult   sensuality and language, ménage a la two men bent on arousing their woman   beyond all control, voyeurism, foot and hair fetish scenes, same sex   situations, betrayal, and industrial espionage.


“Just like at the Mountain, initially we’ll attract the more confident, oversexed types,” Victoria said. “But by the third or fourth voyage, your average libidos will start showing up. And stay away from those cougars if you know what’s good for you, laddie.”

His warm lips nibbled her ear lobe. “I keep telling you. Laddie is an Irish term. No self-respecting Londoner would use it.”Crowds of singles and clusters of couples filed onto the deck below, checking in with attendants for directions to their rooms.

“Yeah, well. You’re no Londoner now, anyway. You’re mine, all American. Oh! Look who it is!”

“Who’s that, love?”

“He registered as Bo Davidson. See him down there in the red ball cap?”

Britt nodded against her neck.

“That’s David Roman, Olympic gold-medal swimmer.”

“Incognito, is he? Why didn’t he opt for the helipad arrival, if he’s here in secret?”

“I’m dying to know. Unlike other celebrities, he’s not traveling under his real name. Remember all that trouble he had last year at the summer Olympics, when he got busted for underage drinking?”

“Two days before his twenty-first, yeah?”

“Poor kid can’t get out of the media lights for a second. They tail him no matter where he goes, and twist everything into trouble.”

“And yet, I don’t see any paps in his wake.” Photographers followed lots of action from the dock. Several trained their cameras on her and Britt, as usual, but none seemed particularly interested in the guy with the ball cap. “How’d he manage to get on a sex cruise without them knowing?”

“I’m dying to know that, too.” She watched David–Bo–unfold a map of the ship and look up for signs. Damn, he was beautiful, even with that incognito stubble. Like a model for one of those Roman god statues, blond, tanned, and buff to the max.

“Vic? How’d you know so much about this bloke?”

“Hmm? Mm. Google.”

“You’re breathing fast.”

“You’ve been nibbling my neck for ten minutes.” She was breathing fast, though. And much as she should look away before Britt noticed her staring, she couldn’t. It appeared David–Bo–had found his bearing. He started off to the right, but then paused and looked directly up at her. Good Lord, those blue, blue eyes. Almost as sink-into-able as Britt’s.

His head tilted to one side. Did he recognize her? Possibly. Her picture seemed to be everywhere these days, and it had been widely publicized that she’d be on this cruise.

Where was her professional demeanor? She lifted a hand and waved.

“Your pulse is racing.” Britt’s voice was husky. “We’re going to meet this David, straightaway.” He waved down too.

David lifted his hand in greeting, then hefted his pack onto his shoulder and went off toward the passenger suites.

“You’ve got to be the most unorthodox husband ever.” How could Britt possibly want to introduce his wife to a man who turned her on with a look?

“Every man wants to see his woman aroused, Vic. Just get used to the idea that I’m going to see your fantasy fulfilled on this trip.”

Should she ask him if he felt attracted to David too? Britt hadn’t guessed all of her fantasy. She didn’t just want to be with two men at once. She wanted the men actively participating with each other. To see Britt fondle another man. Hoo, boy. She got hot just thinking about it. But maybe she’d spring that part of the fantasy on him later.


Piper Denna bases her writing on one belief: Romance is sexy. With few exceptions, romantic love affairs share one common trait – the parties involved at least fantasize about consummating their love. Conversely, sex is romantic. Two people finding each another irresistible, even if it’s just for one interlude? Definitely romantic.

Piper has lived in several states as an adult, but always seems to come “home” to Colorado, where she currently lives with her husband and kids. She has always dabbled in poetry and short stories, but during a long, awful time away from Colorado, she started seriously writing a novel in the summer of 2005. Since then, she has completed six novels and started three more. When she’s not writing, she’s probably working at her day job (which will be history as soon as possible), performing mom-type tasks around the house, or reading. Piper considers herself an Equal Opportunity Reader (EOR). As long as the novel has characters she really likes (or hates!), a plot to hold her attention, and believable dialogue, she’ll like it. No genre prejudices.

Things she loves: sunny days, cheesecake in most any form, her iPod full of 80’s music, that fluttery feeling she gets at the first spark of romance in a great book or movie, hot baths, power walking, and laughter (anyone else’s or her own).

Visit Piper Denna at


13 thoughts on “Piper Denna

  1. Sheri Fredricks says:

    It’s so great to know people in the writing world better! I have Pure Country on VHS -lol – and love the story and music. Great interview!

  2. Great interview! I’ve also got Fantasy Mountain in my TBR pile, but I may start with this one – sounds pretty awesomely hot!

    And how timely with the Summer Olympics! You should just front and be all – “Yeah, totally planned that!”

    If I ever run into George Straight here in Nashvegas, I’ll be sure and share your love 🙂

  3. LOL. Yes, cowboys win! Christine, glad you like the excerpt. Sometimes it’s hard to choose those, especially when staying under a particular word count. Sheri, I had VHS of Pure Country also, and my lovely daughter bought me the DVD last year for Christmas. I still sigh when I see pics of the TRUE Gorgeous George. 🙂 Dana, I think this story could stand alone, but you’d probably enjoy it more with Vic & Britt’s backstory under your belt, at least IMO. Also, the “bad guy” will make more sense that way.

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