A Hunter's Angel

Release Day Party for A Hunter’s Angel!

Hello Everyone!!  Well, today is the day that I officially become a published author!

In celebration I’m throwing a helluva party here and on Facebook. Plus, I’m over on Inkslingers Blog  sharing what my favorite vampire movies are and which ones are must-sees for me. And I’m on My Guilty Obsession as part of my Bewitching Book Tour comparing A Hunter’s Angel and The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Both of these stops have their own prizes which are listed on the blogs.

Here is what you could win for joining in the fun today on my website and on Facebook:

(Sorry, only USA and Canada residents are eligible for
any prize that needs to be mailed. Non-residents and residents of USA are
eligible for free PDF copy.)

*Five free PDF copies of Bloodwine will be given away. (click for info on this short story)

*1 poster will win either custom-made pair of angel wing earrings, charm
bracelet, or necklace.

*One $5 gift certificate for The Wild Rose Press

*Grand Prize:  One $10 gift card to either Amazon or Barnes and Noble (winner’s choice)

***To be eligible, you must leave a comment on any of the statuses or here (must leave email address in comment here) on the website. The more you comment, the better your chance to win. The contest will be open until Sunday (July 22). The winners will be announced here and on Facebook on July 23.***

So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, be it coffee or something a wee bit stronger (I intend to break out the champagne–okay just the Zinfandel), and stay tuned for me to post something every half hour all day long starting at 7:00 am EST until 9:00pm.

What’s on tap for today:

*Facts you may not have known about me.

*Facts about A Hunter’s Angel

*A Parade of the Sexiest Vamps on TV and Movies

*Vampire Trivia (TV and Movie mostly)

*Who’s Sexier? (more pix of sexy vamps, you get to choose)

*What’s Your Favorite Vampire Book/Series? (you get to choose)

*Fun Snippets from A Hunter’s Angel

Hope you don’t miss out on all the fun!


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