A Hunter's Angel

Coffee… Must have coffee….

So, is everyone ready to party?  I am… So, since I just got up….Late start this morning. I barely got my morning coffee into me.

Here’s a tidbit from the book where Ian and the medical examiners on his FBI team talk about coffee….

Mark, the newest member of Ian’s team, poured coffee into his cup and held the decanter up for Ian. He smiled at the young man and shook his head. “No thanks. Coffee does terrible things to my digestive system.”

Mark shrugged and set the carafe in the center of the table. “Suit yourself, boss. But I’ve never met a cop or an agent who didn’t drink coffee. That’s weird. You know that, don’t you?”

“Hazelton, McHenry is the weirdest person I know,” Beth said dryly as she read over her notes on her laptop. She pushed her dark-rimmed glasses up on her nose and looked at Ian. “We’re so glad you finally made it to help us figure out just what the hell we’re gonna tell Sampson.”


SO….. Are you a coffee drinker?


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