A Hunter's Angel, Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday–A Hunter’s Angel

Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday… Check the link for other great authors who are sharing snippets of their work….

This is from A Hunter’s Angel, releasing July 20 from The Wild Rose Press. Check out the page with book tour info for fun and prizes I have lined up for the month-long release party…

The dream was always the same, and she’d tumble out of it at the same place every time. She reached up and touched her rapid heartbeat at the hollow of her throat. Did she imagine the tingling at the spot?

She had a few lovers in her twenty-eight years, all of them had their quirks and ideas of how to please her, and some were better than others. But none of them had ever aroused her with such intensity as this figment of her imagination. A freaking wet dream.


9 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday–A Hunter’s Angel

  1. Mary Roya says:

    Wow, that was some dream. I’ve had one or two in my life time. So ‘Brad’ is off to kill a werewolfe, how exciting. Can’t wait to read it. I know it’s going to be great. Keep writing so I can keep reading.

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