Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday

Cross-posted from Sara Walter Ellwood

Today on Six Sentence Sunday, where authors around the writing world post six sentences to showcase their writing, I’m posting more from Butterfly. Book 1 of my series of contemporary Western romantic suspenses–The Cowboys of Colton.



This is from the beginning of chapter 5… Dylan shows up bright and early for the job, only to have his boss give him an eye-full when she answers the door…. *grin*


“What the…” The rest dried up and turned his tongue to dust.

Charli stood before him glaring icy spears. Her face was thunderous, and her flame-like hair tumbled around her shoulders as wild as a range fire. She looked like some avenging goddess interrupted from her slumber and wasn’t at all happy about it.

A woman never looked so amazing. Then he noticed her clothing, or rather lack thereof.


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