Writing Wednesdays

Rolling With the Unexpected

Cross-posted from Romance Writer Sara Walter Ellwood.

Last Saturday, I posted a blog about setting deadlines

Well, I just had my previous deadline completely blown out of the water.

The unexpected happened.

I got a request for a book that I pitched last month—quite frankly on a whim. I know lucky…And, it would be if it was completely ready to go. But right now I feel frantic.

It’s not. I have some editing to do. I have about four thousand words I need to delete and some facts to change. But I plan to get the thing up to snuff by this time next week.

To be honest, I expected the book to be rejected.  Why?  Because it has not been submitted anywhere else. When I had an agent, she’d read it, but did nothing with it. She said she liked it, but wasn’t sure where to submit it. And since getting the book back, I haven’t had time to do anything with it. I was dealing with getting A Hunter’s Angel editor-requested edits done and A Hunter’s Blade written. I’m esatic to get a full request on the very first time it’s been shopped around.

Now, hopefully she’ll want to contract it.

After I get it ready to submit…


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