Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday

Can’t believe it’s Sunday already….  Here’s another 6 from Butterfly, Book 1 in my yet-to-be-published contemporary Western romantic suspense series The Cowboy’s of Colton.

Setup from Chapter 2: Sheriff Zack Cartwright breaks up a potential fight between Dylan and his ex-wife’s baby-daddy in the Longhorn Saloon. Tracy is Dylan’s younger sister, whose couch Dylan has been crashing on since coming home from Afghanistan.


Cartwright continued to throw off big-bad-lawman vibes. “Let’s go, Captain.”

Dylan dodged the sheriff’s hand before it landed on his upper arm. “You takin’ me to jail?”

“Not tonight, I’m taking you home. You aren’t in any shape to drive, but since you’re still on your feet, I’ll let Tracy deal with your sorry ass.”


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