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Missing Old Friends

Cross-posted from Sara Walter Ellwood.

This weekend someone posted this picture on Facebook.

It instantly reminded me of my character Logan Cartwright from my Cowboys of Colton Series. Logan is the younger brother of ex-rodeo cowboy, ex-Marine and current Colton Sheriff Zack Cartwright, the hero of The Hardest Words to Say.  Besides being a hunky aspiring country singer, Logan is a top-notch divorce lawyer. He’s funny and smart and can rock a stage with his band Texas Justice, ride a horse and wield a lariat with the best of them, or put a slim-ball husband in his place in the courtroom for his clients.

I also posted six sentences from Butterfly, book one of the series, for Six Sentence Sunday, which got me thinking about that book again. When I received a request from Lyrical Press after pitching the book to an editor, I started to re-edit the book, but I haven’t taken it seriously. I’ve been putting it off to focus on my rewrite of The Long Road Home. Now, I’m more anxious than ever to start working on it again, regardless of what happens with the request. I’m still waiting to hear back.

I realized how darned much I miss the people who make up Colton. Not just Charli and Dylan from Butterfly, but also Tracy and Zack from The Hardest Words to Say (book 2), and Lance, Rachel, Audrey, Wyatt and Dawn from yet-to-be-written A Wife’s Last Wish (book 3). I even miss nosy Winnie Cartwright and the villains Leon, Jake and his obnoxious brother Brent.

All this reminded me how much I love Colton, Texas, with its rich history of three first cousins returning from the defeated Confederate Army and heading west where they win an entire county in a poker game. To the modern day descendants, who live and love and feud in this place. The Fergusons/Carters, the Cartwrights and the dysfunctional branch of the ancestry tree—the Blackwells.

But what that picture did was get me excited about my stories again. I’m anxious to get Butterfly re-edited, The Hardest Words to Say revised, and A Wife’s Last Wish written. And the last two books—Logan’s story, tentatively titled—Summer’s Song and the last book Having Faith planned and finished.

Has anything as unlikely as just a photo or a song got you re-excited about something you’d put on the back burner to work on something else? Or do I just have too many irons in the fire, as my granny would have said?


3 thoughts on “Missing Old Friends

  1. Jennifer Lowery says:

    I’m with you, Sara! Sometimes it only takes a photo or a song to take me back to a manuscript I once loved and get those old juices flowing again. I believe there is a time for every story to be written and maybe that is fates way of telling us now is the time to write it! I say go with it and enjoy the ride 🙂

  2. Isn’t it wonderful how our characters become our friends (and crushes)? Loved the picture, and I hope you’ll get back to your Colton, Texas series. That guy, Logan, sounds amazing!

  3. I believe that too, Jenn… I’ll get back to these books because they are so real to me.

    Lynne…When I was writing the first 2 books of this series I’d dream about the characters… I’ve never done that with any other book I’ve written… and I’ve written 5 and have one about half finished… They have become friends to me.

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

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