Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday… Click here if you’d like to join the fun or just find some fantastic authors…

In the coming weeks Cera is taking a break from posting from her paranormals, and I’m taking over our blogs to post some from my Westerns…Writing under two names is like having multiple personalities….LOL

These 6 are from Butterfly, Book 1 in my yet-to-be-published contemporary Western romantic suspense series The Cowboy’s of Colton.

Setup: Dylan is an ex-Special Forces commander who’s suffering from PTSD…. Charli is well…not all that she seems… This is from Chapter 1 where Dylan shows up drunk and late to his interview for the job of being Charli’s ranch manager.


Dylan looked Charli up and down before cocking a brow. Damn, was he making fun of her?

“Wouldn’t a woman like you be more comfortable getting manicures and massages in a Dallas spa, not worrying about cattle breeds and barn roofs? It’s no secret around town that you’re the heiress to the Monroe Farm Equipment fortune, and you sold the a huge ranch in Oklahoma your grandfather left you. Why on earth did you buy a dump like this?”

Now he’d pissed her off.


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