A Hunter's Blade, Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday–A Hunter’s Blade

For the past two weeks here on Six Sentence Sunday, I’ve been leaving teases of book two of The Hunter’s Dagger Series, A Hunter’s Blade

Setup: This week we get a glimpse of Austin (a vampire who also hunts vamps and werewolves) meeting Brigit (a Lykan–a born werewolf) for the first time.


“I follow a different code of ethics, you could say, than most of the damned and undead.”

With only an hour before closing, there were only a handful of people in the place. When he locked those shifting golden-gray-green eyes on hers, Brigit shivered.

“I think we should have a private chat after you close.” The serrated edge of his voice sawed through her. “I have some questions and want to get all the facts straight before I become judge, jury, and executioner.”


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