A Hunter's Angel, Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday–A Hunter’s Angel

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From A Hunter’s Angel….The Texan (Brad) and the 438 year old Irish Vampire (Ian) have been friends and FBI partners for 4 years. Here they compare riding disciplines while taking some time off work on Ian’s farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania….


“You sit a horse like you’ve got a stick up your ass.”

“And I’ve told you a thousand times, I learned to ride English. Which is more disciplined than hanging all over the horse that you do.”

“Right,” Brad drawled as he turned the thoroughbred around and rested his forearms on the horn of the saddle. “I’d like to see how long you’d last if you had a few hundred cattle to herd across a rain-swollen river.”

Ian laughed and gently heeled his gelding out of the gate of the corral and into the pasture behind his barn. Before he left his friend eating his dust, he said, “That, my friend, I’d have to see you do before I could believe it.”


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